Sanford Vending Machines

No more sleepy and drowsy mornings and afternoons for your employees when you have vending machines from your establishments! Try our Sanford Vending Machine and experience our outstanding services. We have several types of vending machines. From refreshments to healthy foods, from hot beverages to delightful treats that will satisfy your cravings! You can never go wrong with our products. Your employees and customers will love our stuff as we only offer the most popular and most favourite brands by many.

Sanford Vending Machines provide modern vending machines. Provided brands for snack vending machines are Cheetos, Lays, Dole, Mars Bars, Snickers, Nutri-Grain, M&Ms and many more. We also provide Pepsi and Coca-Cola products for your soda vending machines. Energy drinks are available too! Sanford Vending provides all your coffee vending machine needs as well, from hot brewed coffee, to healthy tea, to your favourite cappuccino, and yummy hot chocolate. We provide all of them!

We from Sanford Vending Machine strive to provide our customers with the highest of services. We’ve been supplying different establishments for the longest time. From offices, hospitals, malls, hotels, warehouses, schools, gyms, businesses, and other small establishments, we simply give the exemplary services and offer only the best!

Not only are vending machine an excellent idea to perk up employees or slake the thirst of afterschool students, but they are ideal for extra income.  Sanford Vending Machines bases a commission off of vending sales’ returns.  And since you don’t need to have a business experience or a sales employee to oversee and operate your vending machine, there is no overhead cost.  You bring in the rewards of having these vending machines in your school, office or facility.

Sanford Vending Services will exert effort with your company every step of the way to guarantee your vending experience is a satisfaction.  We will locate the right areas for your snack vending machines, soda vending machines, or coffee vending machines.  We will help select the guilty-pleasures and the healthy snacks and beverages; we will deliver the vending machines, mount them in the right spots, stock them and restock them regularly, as well as keep good and clean maintenance of your full-service vending machines.  With our full service vending services at Sanford vending, all you will have to do is enjoy the presence of our vending machines.