Lake Mary Vending Machines

Do you notice some of your employees slow down during afternoon? Do they go out once in a while and search for convenient store elsewhere, particularly outside your office? Some people are into coffee and can’t start their work without having a sip of caffeine in the morning. Not all employees can afford to be on time because some of them manage to take big breakfast first to be able to surpass the stress in the morning. You can actually help your employees make their everyday breakfast or snack time one step from their seat. You can provide them the vending machine that can sustain all their needs in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. They might be thankful if you do!

Lake Mary Vending Machines has been providing the best vending machines that will suit hospitals, malls, warehouses, offices and all small and big establishments for over six years. We are expert in several services that concerns vending machines such as, menu selection, delivery of stocks, maintenance, repair and insurance.

We have different types of vending machines that will suit your needs. From snack vending machine that cater most popular brands like Lays, Cheetos, M&Ms, Snickers, etc. to coffee vending machine that has several kinds of flavourful coffee that will make your employees awake for more than 8 hours of their stay in your company every day.  We also have healthy snacks and soda to fulfil your guilty-pleasures. We are definitely complete in all aspects of vending machine, you name it—we got it! The choices of snacks are actually unlimited.  With Lake Mary Vending Machines, you will have many options of vending machines to choose from.

Full-service vending machine is a fantastic way to add extra income and bring in earnings.  Because you do not need to have business experience or have a sales employee oversee and operate the vending machines, there is zero overhead cost as well. Lake Mary Vending Machines offers a commission based on the vending sales’ revenue.

Lake Mary Vending Machines will guide you in selecting the products you want to put into your chosen vending machine. We will be there to assist you in mounting the machine in your preferred location as well. We will make sure that all vending machines are setup and running properly. Restocking and maintaining will not be a problem for we will constantly guide and give you that service also. Lake Mary vending will make sure that your vending experience is easy and profitable.

Are you looking for a Vending Machine that can be customized to your assumption?  Lake Mary Vending provides the newest in vending machines and full-service vending machine technology.  Are you looking for a company who assures quality service from selection of vending machines, delivery, to restocking—and, has been supplying full-service vending machines since 2006?  Call us today and we will be happy to serve you!