Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a vending machine at my business, office, school, or facility?

To get a vending machine at your business, office, school, or facility, first visit us online at From here you can either call Orlando Vending Machines directly at 800-773-0431 or email us through one of our form fills available on the Contact Us page. Upon reaching an agreement we will deliver and stock your machine at the scheduled date.


Do I make money by having a vending machine at my business?

Yes! Orlando Vending Machines pays the highest commissions around! You can earn anywhere from 10%-50% of the total sales your vending machine earns.


Who fills the vending machine when it is empty?

We do! Los Angeles Vending Machines is a full service vending company. Not only will we supply you with the vending machine, but we will also stock the machine and provide maintenance on a weekly basis.


Who owns the vending machine?

The vending machines are all owned by Orlando Vending Machines. However, you have the option to purchase a machine directly from Orlando Vending Machines.


What type of vending machines can I have at my business?

Orlando Vending Machines has a wide variety of machines to offer. The most common machines we provide are Snack Machines, Beverage Machines ( bottles or cans), Coffee Machines, Energy Drink Machines, and Kosher Machines. We will customize any machine to your liking, giving you the final say of what products go inside your machines.


Who fixes the vending machine when It breaks?

We do! Orlando Vending Machines is a FULL SERVICE vending company. That means, if your machine breaks, just give us a call and we will be there that same day or within 12-24 hours.


How often does the vending machine need to be filled/serviced?

Vending Machines are re stocked on a regular basis. For a typical location Los Angeles Vending Machines will re stock a machine an average of 4-8 times a month.  All machines and locations may vary.


Do you provide kosher vending machines?

Yes! A division of Los Angeles Vending Machines specializes in kosher snacks and beverages.  We provide kosher vending services to many jewish facilities in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.


What areas of Los Angeles do you service?

Orlando Vending Machines serves the entire Orlando Metropolitan Area.  However, wherever our service is needed, we will go the extra mile.


How do I get snacks, beverages, and paper and plastic goods for my business, school, office or facility?

Orlando Vending Machines is a FULL SERVICE delivery company.  This means that whether you need supplies once a week, or once a month, we will deliver on your schedule and stock the shelves.


What if you don’t have the items that I am looking for?

Orlando Vending Machines provides custom services for all of our clients. Even though we have thousands of products, if you find there are a few items you need that we do not carry, no need to worry, we can get them custom ordered just for you.


How much notice do I have to give you before I receive my delivery?

At Orlando Vending Machines we would like to have a minimum of 1 weeks notice prior to any delivery. However, as we said before, all of our services are made custom to cater to all clients needs.